Nationstar 3rd Party Authorization Form

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When it comes to mortgage issues, there are times when you have to let a third party to act on your behalf. Usually, third party involvement is needed in issues concerning federal tax issues and you need someone to represent you before the IRS. If you take your home loan from Nationstar and you want to let a third party to represent your mortgage business, then you need to fill out Nationstar 3rd party authorization form.

To download Nationstar 3rd party authorization form, simply visit the official website of Nationstar at After that just scroll down until you get to the bottom of the homepage and then click “BROKER & AGENT SERVICES”. On the Broker & Agent Services page, take a look at the 3rd party authorization section. There, you can find a simple Nationstar 3rd party authorization form that you can easily download.

Nationstar 3rd party authorization form only consists of one page. Make sure to read everything carefully and complete the form before sending it to Nationstar Mortgage. Some of the information that you have to fill includes the day the form is written, the loan number, borrower(s) name as well as the address of the property. Please note that the name of the borrower(s) name must be printed.

After that, please read carefully that by signing this form, you intend to give permission for a third party to give access to discuss all information regarding your loan. If you want to the third party to take care of other things other than what has been mentioned above, make sure to specify it on the Nationstar 3rd party authorization form.

You also have to clearly print down the name of authorized third party(s). If the third party comes from a certain company, don’t forget to write it down as well. You are also required to state the relationship of the third party to you as the borrower. After that, sign the form and it is ready to be sent. Make sure to double check everything so the form doesn’t contain any mistake. Furthermore, mortgage is not an issue that can be taken lightly. As a result, if you need a third party to act on your behalf, make sure that they are reputable and can be trusted to avoid any problems in the future.

Now that you have filled out the Nationstar 3rd party authorization form, scan the form and then email it in .pdf type to [email protected] Besides via email, there are two other ways to send your filled out Nationstar 3rd party authorization form. Firstly, you can send it via fax. The fax number of the company is 972-459-1611. Furthermore, you also can send the form by mail to Mr.Cooper, Attn: Research Department, 8950 Cypress Waters Boulevard, Coppell, TX 75019. Simply choose the method you find the most convenient to send your form. Please remember that the authorization is valid for 90 days from the date written in the form, The authorization can be invalidated before 90 days if the undersigned wishes to revoke it or when the loan is fully paid.