Nationstar Contributor Form

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The Nationstar Contributor form is applied to associated contributor who presently are featured in the address of a property. A contributor is not someone who borrow the loan, but more of the one who have income contribution to the house. In this case you may ask for their income to be drawn on the assessment customization procedure. The income of contributor is regarded as an option to prevent foreclosure. For that reason, you have to return the contributor package and necessary related documents.

This package is presenting every important detail about the contributor that Mr. Cooper Nationstar Mortgage requires to assess your condition. The information may include the application of contributor, income or everyday expenditures, Nationstar contributor form, necessary documents, and 4506-T or 4506T-EZ of IRS form. The contributor has to fill in and submit the form as well as the related documents. Within the form, there is a worksheet where the Nationstar Contributor income and expenses must be filled in detail. That includes the sources of monthly income, monthly expenses or debt, and existing assets. Other income like alimony, child support or any allowance are not needed to be included if contributor choose not to. Other mortgages or home insurance might need to be included except for the asset of which assigned to the contributor.

If you are interested to be a Nationstar Contributor you will also provide the amount of your contribution. You must agree to mention the income on Nationstar contributor form as fixed cost of the household and for the monthly mortgage payments. You will also agree to continue the practice for the anticipated opportunity. There are two options of income sources. First, if you are earning a wage as an employee, you have to provide the latest monthly paycheck. The other one is if you are self-employed, provide the latest signed and dated periodical earning and loss report.

After completing Nationstar contributor form, you can read the acknowledgments and agreements. You should officially state that the credentials you provide are truthful. You must be aware of the investigation that shall arise for the correctness of your Nationstar Contributor statement. That could be from the Nationstar Mortgage, mortgage loan owner, the Treasury Department of the U.S., or any relevant representative. Remember that any submitted information have to be true. Otherwise, it may violate the related law and order.

By signing the contributor statement, you verify to allow credit report to be pulled for the verification of your occupancy status. Mr. Cooper Nationstar Mortgage will use your details to assess the borrower for any assistance options and foreclosure decisions. However they will not assess exclusively on the account of the statements and supported documents. They will then contact you regarding to the mortgage assistance application through your email or telephone number. If you want to send the application for Nationstar contributor form, send it through mail. The address is Mr. Cooper Nationstar Mortgage LLC Attn: Creating Afforest Modeling Unit Affordable Unit P.O. Box 630268 Irving, TX 75063. Or send it through fax to 1-214-488-1993. Speak to the representative team at 1-888-488-2432 for further questions.