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There are many providers in mortgage business, but Mr. Cooper Nationstar Mortgage is the first thing that may come up in your mind. There are many reasons to choose this company when you decide to take mortgage. It was founded in Colorado and the current CEO is Jay Bray. As the top mortgage provider, Mr. Cooper Nationstar Mortgage develops and advances its technology to support customers, for example Nationstar desktop site.

Internet is not new thing in recent era. Many companies, institutions, agencies, other business entities create their own website to support customers. As the top company, having website is necessary. People can get more information related to mortgage. Improving product and service is the key to survive in mortgage business. As you know, mortgage is not only lending money, but also supporting system to keep customer pay and help their issue. This is the reason to have Nationstar desktop site.

What is the purpose of Nationstar desktop site? In general, the website is similar to customer service where you can ask anything. Actually, people call customer service only to get the details while preliminary information is already available on website. Mr. Cooper Nationstar Mortgage offices are in several locations around United States. People may not have time to visit the branches since they are too busy at work. Moreover, contacting customer service seems not their choice because they only ask for trivia. Few people also have issue when talking directly. So, where do they get the information? Website is the most popular way to provide what they want to know as the basis before taking a step to take Nationstar mortgage contract.

For your information, the Nationstar Mortgage website is at Keep in mind that website for desktop or you call as Nationstar desktop site is quite different from mobile mode. Desktop site means you open and visit address via browser on laptop and PC. It is also available on smartphone and tablet, but looks not as good as on desktop. When using desktop mode, customer can explore every part and section easily. You just click then find what you want. In this website, you get information about service transfer, refinancing, getting new loan, and related procedure. Most information is text-based, but customer can explore video about mortgage topic. This video is very helpful to understand the basic concept and procedure of Nationstar.

What is the difference between desktop and mobile site? When developing website, Mr. Cooper Nationstar Mortgage considers many aspects. Today, smartphone takes over laptop on the list of gadget that people use for accessing internet. However, the phone has relatively small screen, while tablet starts to be bigger. When accessing Nationstar desktop site on smartphone, you may not see it at full page. To accommodate phone users, the website is able to turn into mobile mode. Having mobile version is alternative way, although it still has limitation. The main goal is that everyone can access official website of Mr. Cooper Nationstar Mortgage whenever they want on wherever they are.

Mr. Cooper Nationstar has long experience in mortgage business. With three million subscribers, it is necessary to have official website. Nationstar desktop site will look good when accessed via laptop or desktop computer. You can still access it via smartphone to know everything about mortgage.