Nationstar DLF Chennai

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Nationstar DLF Chennai is one office branch of Mr. Cooper Nationstar Mortgage that is located abroad. In fact, it has been the only foreign office branch from Nationstar Mortgage. Of course, there are reasons why the company has decided to choose Chennai, India, as one of their branch office. Not to mention that we should look into the company’s history and background to understand their reasons.

When we are talking about Nationstar Mortgage, we are basically talking about one of the biggest loan mortgage providers in America. With more than 2 millions of customers and more than 6 millions of workers across their offices, it is pretty logical if the company has been around for a while. After all, this company is also known for their reliable services and products, focusing on the loan mortgage (but with expansion to other areas, such as insurance or foreclosure). Nationstar headquarters is in Dallas, Texas but they also several branch offices in California, Colorado, New York, Arizona, and also India.

What makes Nationstar Mortgage chooses Chennai as one of the branch offices? First of all, Chennai has been known as the Detroit of South Asia, simply because it is the city where the modern auto industry develops and flourishes. The technology is somewhat considered an important element in the industry, especially for the future development. Second, Chennai is known for the beach, especially Marina Beach which is the second longest beach all over the world. It is considered one major appeal of the city, leading to the company decided to build their Nationstar DLF Chennai.

Originally owned by NSM Services, it is the subsidiary service for Nationstar Mortgage Holdings. So far, this Nationstar DLF Chennai has had around 300 employees and they have planned to have more 500 openings in the upcoming 2018, with more vacancies for management and engineers. They also have their own product development center, designed to strengthen their company’s existence.

Among the various improvements made by Nationstar DLF Chennai, having interactive experience has been a part of the development plans. Chennai facility, surprisingly, holds an important role in the company’s transformation, especially in making it the biggest loan mortgage providers in America. The facility has been created as a part of the company’s long term commitment. So far, the Chennai based facility is focusing on digital transformation, data analysis, and mobile development.

Nationstar Mortgage does have its own official website and mobile platform. The official website has been proven to be quite effective, but it is still far from being perfect, and so has the mobile platform. This has also been the focus of the team development, trying to achieve future goal of making everything perfect.

In the event that you are interested in joining the company, you can visit and dwell more about the work, the team, working benefits, and also company’s culture. It is also possible to visit the official website to find out more about the vacancy. As you can see, Nationstar DLF Chennai has a crucial role in the development of the company in whole.