Nationstar Hardship Affidavit Form

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Taking a home loan is a huge commitment and you have to be financially ready for it. Unfortunately, even though you are in a good financial situation right now and you have planned your finance carefully, nobody knows what is going to happen in the future. There are many people that face changes in their financial circumstances and end up unable to pay their mortgage anymore. This is a terrible situation, but you can get out of difficult situation by filling Nationstar hardship affidavit form and apply for refinance.

Please note that even though you have hired your own lawyer to represent you to deal with your mortgage modification request, you, as the homeowner, is still required to fill out Nationstar hardship affidavit form and clearly state your reason why you need refinance. It is also important to write down your proposition to solve your mortgage problem along with the form. it doesn’t matter whether you still want to keep the house or you want to let it go, filling Nationstar hardship affidavit form is a must if you want to request mortgage modification.

To request a refinance from Nationstar Mortgage, first of all you need to download Nationstar hardship affidavit form first. The form has five pages and you need to fill out all the required information correctly. In the first page, the information that you have to provide include borrower and co-borrower name, date of birth of borrower and co-borrower, the address of the property, servicer and also loan number.

After that, you and your co-borrower also have to answer some Yes or No questions regarding your reasons for asking mortgage modification. The reasons written in Nationstar hardship affidavit form include reduced or lost income, changed financial circumstances, increased expenses, insufficient cash reverse to maintain mortgage payment and basic living necessities, excessive debts and other reasons.

On the second page of Nationstar hardship affidavit form is information for government monitoring purposes. The questions in this part include ethnicity, race and sex. But contrary to the questions in the first page, you are not obligated to furnish this information. Still on the same page and continuing to the next page, there are some acknowledgement and agreement for borrower and co-borrower that you must read. After you have read the acknowledgement and agreement, sign the form. After that, don’t forget to write down your email address, cell phone, home phone, work phone, and also your social security number.

The rest of the pages of Nationstar hardship affidavit form is the place where you can write down your explanation why you should be eligible for mortgage modification. On the first page, there are some questions that you need to answer regarding your reason for filing mortgage modification. On the last section of the form, which is on page 3 to 5, you have to elaborate those reasons more clearly and specifically. Please remember that the mortgage company will make their decision whether or not they can grant your mortgage modification request based on this explanation. Therefore, make sure to elaborate the explanation well.