Nationstar Mortgage Executives

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Mr. Cooper Nationstar is not small player in mortgage market. This company is counted as the top list at mortgage industry. When you plan to take mortgage, Mr. Cooper Nationstar is at the top recommended list. For more than twenty years, company handles mortgage and related products. Well, the customer number reaches three millions. That is not small number for a mortgage company. There are also thousand employees in many branches worldwide. One of the key things in this company is Nationstar Mortgage executives.

Nationstar mortgage employees work in different and various posts. There are people with responsibility as customer service, insurance, accountant, law, etc. They work not only at headquarters, but also at office branches in several cities. The main goal of Mr. Cooper Nationstar is to bring the excellent product and service. To provide high quality service, the employees must follow procedure and do the best thing at workplace. Mr. Cooper Nationstar becomes the major and big company because it has the top human resources, including Nationstar Mortgage executives.

People rely on rating as reference when deciding to take mortgage. Mr. Cooper Nationstar received five-star rating from Fannie Mae. This rating is crucial as accolade to increase the credibility. Moreover, customer satisfaction index rises due to rating and award. Mr. Cooper Nationstar achievement is said to be the number one mortgage company in United States.

What is executive? In simple definition, a person with responsibility to decide and monitor the entire company will belong to Nationstar executives. The first person at the top list is Jay Bray. He is Chief Executive Officer, President, and Chairman of Mr. Cooper Nationstar. Well, he is a part of Nationstar Mortgage executives. He holds Certified Public Accountant and has the degree from Auburn University. As CEO, he has experience more than 25 years in mortgage. Jay Bray became CEO since 2012 and President in 2015. He was one of board of Mr. Cooper Nationstar.

Beside CEO, Mr. Cooper Nationstar also has Chief Financial Officer. The person in this position is Amar R Patel. Besides CFO, he is also Executive Vice President. He serves in both position since March 2017. CFO has high responsibility due to critical role in mortgage industry. This company is not bank, but it has financial area to handle carefully. Before being CFO, Mr. Patel was the Senior Vice President at Capstead Mortgage Corporation. He holds degree from Baylor University and received MBA from Southern Methodist University.

Another person in Nationstar Mortgage executives is Steve Covington. He is Chief Compliance officer and Executive Vice President. He took this position since 2015. Thirty years in mortgage and related industry give high credibility for him to handle compliance task. He was a part of many companies before joining Mr. Cooper Nationstar, such as Morgan Stanley and First Horizon Home loan. Another important person is Kevin Dahlstrom. He is Chief Marketing Officer. He has responsibility to led product strategy, marketing, and e-commerce. He has twenty years of experience in this industry.

Furthermore, Mr. Cooper Nationstar chooses the key person to hold position as Nationstar Mortgage executives carefully. CEO, CFO, COO, and CMO have responsibility to decide company goal and achievement. They works together to make Mr. Cooper Nationstar as number one mortgage company on market.