Nationstar Mortgage Make A Payment

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Nationstar is an experienced mortgage company in America that has been providing excellent services in the mortgage field for more than two decades. This company always develops great services for customer satisfaction. There are some methods on Nationstar Mortgage make a payment. Well, customers can choose one of the methods. The first one is by making a payment via online. With this internet-based method, everything will be simpler and easier.

Paying online method itself is divided into two types. They are one-time payment and automatic pay. By using one-time payment, you will be able to view the smart calendar of Nationstar which will show you about the grace period, payment deadline, and more. This method will avoid you from missing the deadline. Even though you forgot the deadline and haven’t paid for it, there will be a grace period that allows you to make payment after the deadline without late fee. However, you have to make sure how long it is.

However, if you pay more than the grace period, you will be required to pay a fine. Besides paying online, there is also an option to make a payment of your loan at Nationstar Mortgage using mail. If you want to make a payment via mail, you have to obtain money order to Mr. Cooper Nationstar or write a nominal of money on a check to be paid to Nationstar. Then, the next step is getting your last monthly statement and getting your coupon. Lastly, insert your money or check order and coupon into envelope with stamp on it and send to Mr. Cooper Nationstar Mortgage LLC, Dallas, TX 75265-0783 P.O. Box 650783. Don’t forget to fill this out as well: Pay to: Mr. Cooper Nationstar MortgageLLC, with the code of ASTAR and TX country.

The second method of Nationstar Mortgage make a payment is an automatic pay. It means the monthly payment will be obtained from money market, checks, or savings you have selected. Reduction will be made on the same date each month. You can set up this method easily through your account on the Nationstar’s official site for free. In addition, you can also cancel it anytime.

Most customers might be worried because it takes several days to make a payment by mail. But actually, you don’t have to worry because the official payment date is the date they received the mail. You can also set up Nationstar Mortgage make a payment by phone. This can be used in case you cannot make payments online due to some reasons.

To make a payment by phone, the phone number available is 888-480-2432. The next step is following the instruction to pay automatically. You will be asked to mention the number of your account, number and the last 4 digits from the number of your social security. Furthermore, there are two other method options for Nationstar Mortgage make a payment.

Alternatively, you can pay via Moneygram Expresspayment and Western Union. Nationstar Mortgage make a payment is able to be done by Moneygram Expresspayment with your loan number. Make sure to fill in your name and loan number before receiving Moneygram code. If you choose to pay via Western Union, they can make sure that your payment has been received immediately on the day you sent it.