Nationstar Mortgage Online Payment

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Mr. Cooper Nationstar provides several ways to support payment process. One of them is Nationstar Mortgage online payment. Customers do not have to send mail or visit the office for payment. You just need to use laptop to open online website. Another way is via smartphone that’s easy and simple to pay anytime and anywhere.

Nationstar Mortgage online payment has one purpose to make payment easy. Mr. Cooper Nationstar has million customers around the world. Imagine they come in one place at once. That’s not effective way to pay, even using phone call. On the other side, online method is reliable and available in many places. As long as you have internet, payment will be done immediately and automatically. Using online payment requires account. As customer, you have to fill few forms to create online account. There are mortgage number, zip code, tax number, and social security number. Well, zip code is the location of your property or house.

First method in Nationstar Mortgage online payment is autopay. If you have online account then set payment method into this mode. When the date is due, your mortgage is already paid. In this mode, you can connect bank account to mortgage statement. Payment will come from your saving after this setting is activated. It is why Autopay is recommended for customer with no time to manage mortgage. You have a risk to forget when to pay and how much it is. Autopay will make payment immediately from your saving. However, this setting can be cancelled on Mr. Cooper Nationstar website.

Another way for online payment is Smart Calendar. It is not direct payment because you still use manual mode. Smart Calendar only provides necessary information regarding payment statement. There are due time, grace period, etc. Due time means the last date for your mortgage. It will appear on smart calendar. Moreover, grace period is few days after due date. You still have a chance to pay without late fees during grace period. Unfortunately, customer will get late fee when paying after grace period. Smart Calendar manages the period for payment to prevent late fees, including important information.

Nationstar Mortgage online payment is simple and easy, but few customers still have difficulty to access. In this situation, Mr. Cooper Nationstar provides alternative. It is payment by phone call. Mr. Cooper Nationstar contact number is 888-480-2432. Call customer service then follow instruction to pay via this method. Besides phone, you can use third party service, such as Money gram express and western Union. Visit their nearest agent then pay the mortgage. You need to fill some forms when using this kind of payment. Those methods are available as alternative, not replacement for online. You can use one or more to fit your preference and situation.

When using mail for payment, customer should prepare envelope and stamp. It is old method, but few people still love to put mail into envelope then send via post office. Do not forget to write check for Mr. Cooper Nationstar. The mail address is Mr. Cooper Nationstar Mortgage LLC, PO BOX 650783, Dallas, Texas, 75265-0783. Well, mail is also favorite alternative besides Nationstar Mortgage online payment.