Nationstar Online Account

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One of the top mortgage providers is Mr. Cooper Nationstar. If you want to finance home or buy a new one, Mr. Cooper Nationstar is the best choice. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, this company has several offices around United States. To keep with new technology development, the company has website and use Nationstar online account to support customer needs.

Mr. Cooper Nationstar was founded in 1994. With experience more than twenty years, the company reaches the top position as the best mortgage lender. It grows larger and helps customers to find what they are looking for then support them. Mortgage is about product and service. You are not just buying, but Mr. Cooper Nationstar also provides the tool to pay mortgage monthly. There are phone number, mail, and online procedure to pay your mortgage. Nationstar online account belongs to online procedure.

How do you pay via online? Mr. Cooper Nationstar has official website. Firstly, visit to sign-in or register. If you already have account, choose sign-in section at the top right. On the other hand, you need to register to obtain Nationstar online account. After click Create, there are some forms to be filled. You should add loan number, social security or tax identification, and zip code. For your information, zip code is for address of your property. In order to get loan number, you must be a customer or a part of Mr. Cooper Nationstar company. After registering process is done, sign in with your Nationstar username and password.

How to do Mr. Cooper Nationstar online payment? In online account, you will find several information regarding mortgage, such as balance, statement, payment record, bank account, and other supporting ones. One simple way to pay is autopay method. With this procedure, you do not have to worry when your mortgage time is due. You can set account to pay automatically to Mr. Cooper. For this setting, you use bank account and routing number. If you do not know about these numbers, go to your own bank account or ask bank customer service. Routing number helps to send payment from your account to Mr. Cooper directly. Moreover, autopay can be canceled anytime. Besides autopay, Nationstar online account has another procedure. You can use smart calendar feature. In this feature, your account will show due dates, graces time, and others. What is grace time or period? Well, you have due date to pay mortgage, right? After passing this date, there is period where you pay with additional late fee. It is recommended to pay before due time.

Online method is developed in order to make payment simpler and easier. You don’t have to visit the office every time. With this method, customers only need to use laptop, PC, or smartphone. They can pay wherever they live directly. Besides online, Mr. Cooper Nationstar service also provides mail and phone payment. For mail, you need to send payment to Mr. Cooper Nationstar Mortgage LLC PO Box 650783, Dallas, TX 75265-0783. Use check to pay directly then send to that address. For phone method, you may call customer service at 888-480-2432. Nationstar online account has purpose to make everything easy, but customers can choose any method based on their own preference.