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You can find many things in internet and wiki is one of the main sources. This is what Nationstar wiki intends to do; providing information related to Mr. Cooper Nationstar in order to let everyone knows everything about mortgage. Mr. Cooper has headquarters in Dallas. Fortress Investment group controls this company as ownership. As mortgage provider, Mr. Cooper Nationstar offers many deals in mortgage with various rates.

Mortgage market has been through many changes. It is not small market, but very vast and various. In order to keep with recent demand, Mr. Cooper Nationstar Mortgage uses recent technology such as website and mobile app. You may visit official website of Mr. Cooper Nationstar Mortgage at to know the information.

Nationstar wiki will explore about the basic information. Mr. Cooper Nationstar Mortgage was founded in 1994. First name was Nova Credit Corporation. It was not in Dallas, but Denver Colorado. Today, the company has nearly three million subscribers. This record brings many awards and accolades to put Mr. Cooper Nationstar Mortgage as the top non-bank mortgage provider in United States. More than twenty years experiences are enough to show its capacity and capability.

Another thing in Nationstar wiki is about history. Nova Credit Corporation was established by Centex homebuilders. It was company to support new construction for home. After that, Centex transformed into Centex credit Corporation then Centex Home Equity Company. The later company took sub-prime mortgage as core business alongside Mortgage insurance. In 2005, the company decided to close non-homebuilding and other core business. This matter brought into another acquisition by Fortress Investment Group in 2006. As you know, the company name changed into Cooper Nationstar Mortgage. After using this name, the new name is introduced. It is Mr. Cooper as fresh and new name for mortgage provider company.

Nationstar wiki also explains service and product of Mr. Cooper Nationstar Mortgage. As a mortgage company, providing fund is the core business. However, mortgage is not about selling and buying. There are other services and solutions to support customers. In general, Mr. Cooper Nationstar provides solutions to homeowner, homebuyers, investors, home sellers, and other parties in real estate market.

To help million customers, Mr. Cooper Nationstar Mortgage has several offices, besides the headquarters. There are Buffalo at New York, Chandler at Arizona, Highlands Ranch at Colorado, and Irvine in California. Besides United States, Mr. Cooper also has office in Chennai India. Long experience, million subscribers, many offices, and vast portfolio are the reasons to choose Mr. Cooper Nationstar Mortgage.

Regarding portfolio, Mr. Cooper has other services. This company has business with many parties, such as private sector, personal loan, and government agency. You don’t have to worry when conducting mortgage because Mr. Cooper Nationstar has license for mortgage loan in fifty states. Other services are real estate exchange, valuation, escrow, close, etc.

Related to the name changing, Mr. Cooper Nationstar Mortgage has essential reason. Nationstar wiki shows that name helps to enhance relationship between customers and Mr. Cooper Nationstar. It also brings new experience, so customers feel comfortable to communicate and use the service from Mr. Cooper.